40th Anniversary Rego

40th Anniversary Hash

Saturday 7/9/2022
Rego: $39.69/per hasher, **Rego will increase on the day of the event**

Shirt cutoff will be at 2 PM CDT, Wednesday, June 29th!
Rego includes:

  • A trail worthy of our 40th anniversary (because it will age you 40 years)
    • Hares: Runs Em Dry, One-Eyed Wetter, Two Scoops, TP From My Tongue Hole
  • The sexiest goddamn shirt you've every seen
  • 40th anniversary patch and sticker
  • Lunch and dinner plus all the beeryou can drink
  • A lifetime of memories (specifically yours, which may flash before your eyes at several points on trail)

Location: Lovely, beautiful, historic downtown Memphis (actual ON-START will be updated the week of the event)

Trail Schedule: Saturday, July 9, 2022
10:00 AM - Check-in
11:00 AM - Circle up
11:30 AM - Blessing of the Hares
5:00 PM - ON-IN
5:30 PM - Closing circle
7:00 PM - ON-AFTER at The Brass Door (152 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38103)

40th Anniversary
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